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YSWUG News (updated 10/10/2014):                     Back to the Top

Job Opening: None lately, please check back. 

Exact Flat, one of SolidWorks Gold Partners has some free webinars coming up that you may be interested in.  Please visit the ExactFlat website for additional information on products and solutions.

Our recent WINTER MEETING: Our recent winter We had an informative meeting recently with about 8 people in attendance to hear  Michael Steeves from Quest Integration  present his SWW presentation on “How to Innovate within the Bounds of Industry Standards" and Chris Scarlett demonstrate "Using a Multibody Part in Assembly Design ”.  Pizza, licorice and pop were served for dinner.  The meeting wrapped up with the SolidWorks Clinic where we modified a part model submitted by Francisco Martinez who was experiencing  difficulty in applying a fillet feature on a complex surface.  Winter 2014 Meeting.

We need you back to our meetings.  When only 8 people attend our meetings it makes it difficult to justify continuing.  If you have any interest in the these meetings then please provide us with support by showing up and engaging with your fellow designers and engineers.

Thinking about future meetings,  If you want to present to the group on any topic related to SolidWorks let me know, we would love to have you.  Please contact Chris Scarlett.

NEXT MEETING, THE SPRING MEETING:                             Back to the Top

Our NEXT MEETING is coming up early next month and will be at a new and exciting location: Maker Space of Yakima.  Join us on Wednesday November 5th  from 6 to 8pm to hear, one of SolidWork’s gurus, Phil Sluder give a presentation on his favorite “SolidWorks Tips, Tricks and Traps”.  Plus we may also get a tour of Maker Space’s facilities!  RSVP if plan on attending.


Practicing for his presentation at the upcoming SolidWorks World 2015, Phil Sluder will present his ever popular “SolidWorks Tips, Tricks and Traps”.  Phil is a frequent presenter at SolidWorks World, mechanical engineer, founder and manager of TriAxial Designs in San Diego (for 17 years) and is about the most well versed user of SolidWorks that I know.  He is also the west coast representative and board member of the SolidWorks Users Group Network and the inventor of the Zyclone.  Phil typically presents in front of hundreds at SolidWorks World and often to standing room crowds; you don’t want to miss this one!
Maker Space is new in Yakima and provides “…workshops and creative outlets for children and adults, a collaborative making environment, and a flexible facility.”  According to the founders John and Wendy, Wednesday’s are their “Open Hardware Night” so they may be able to talk a bit and give us a tour.  If you are at all curious about the maker environment and 3D printers you won’t want to miss this meeting.

At the end of the meeting we will be having our “SolidWorks Clinic”.  If you are experiencing some sort of SolidWorks related issue, perhaps a problem file or question on modeling methods, please send them our way now.  I will make the file or question available to our group members, and Phil too, in our next email so we can work out a resolution before the meeting.  

Please consider the Rapid Group, our meeting sponsor, for "Quick Turn Metal Prototypes - 24 Hour Quotes - 48 Hour Expedites - 1-2 Week Standard Ship - ITAR Registered" - The Rapid Group will be providing some generous gift cards for raffle prizes at the end of the meeting.  We will also have some really cool gifts from the SolidWorks Users Group Network.   
Dinner will be pizza, pop and chips - served at the beginning of the meeting and available all evening. 
Please consider joining us on Facebook and LinkedIn and stay in touch with group happenings.

This meeting is sponsored by the Rapid Group and SigmaNEST which will be providing raffle prizes for our meeting. 

  • Consider the Rapid Group for "Quick Turn Metal Prototypes - 24 Hour Quotes - 48 Hour Expedites - 1-2 Week Standard Ship - ITAR Registered" - The Rapid Group will be providing some generous gift cards for raffle prizes. 
  • SigmaNEST provides “the industry’s most advanced CAD/CAM nesting engine, with their new SigmaNEST V10 which can be taken for a test drive right from your desk delivering “…unmatched nesting efficiency, speed, and manufacturing / business process automation”.  SigmaNEST will be providing some stylish ball caps as raffle prizes for our meeting.
  • We will also be having some of the usual fun prizes from the SolidWorks Users Group Network. 
Looks like the snow is coming back, see you soon.

FUTURE MEETINGS:                                              Back to the Top

We need presenters for our upcoming meetings.  If you have a suggestion on a speaker or topic for any meeting or if you would like to present, please contact Chris Scarlett.

If your firm is willing to host and give us tour of your facilities that would be most welcome.  Please let me know if you can help here by emailing Chris Scarlett.  One additional advantage to hosting is that it provides some additional funds (that would normally go to renting a room) that we can use to serve a more interesting and compelling dinner fare.

If you have a suggestion on a speaker or topic for any meeting or if you would like to present, please contact Chris Scarlett.

    Chris Scarlett, John Walden, Clem See.  The YSWUG Team.


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Map, to Maker Space in Yakima Suites below, click on the image below for a link to Google Maps 

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