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Job Openings: 

LifeProof by Otter Products, LLC We are looking for a Senior CAD Designer in our San Diego, CA office for new product innovation and current product continuous improvement activities. Drawings consist of parts and assemblies including sectional profiles, irregular or reverse curves, hidden lines, and small or intricate details. Using best engineering practices, the Sr. Designer will design parts and assemblies in SolidWorks for Plastic Injection Molded parts and converted/die cut materials. If you have at least six years of experience working with Solidworks designing high volume consumer products using plastics we would like to talk to you.  Please visit our website at www.otterbox.com for full details and to apply. 

Design Services Corporation: If you live in the Yakima area, have SolidWorks experience and are looking for a job, let me know. We are looking to hire a SolidWorks Drafter in the next few weeks. Experience in Packaging Machinery is a plus, but not required.  Contact John Walden for more information.


We had an interesting and informative meeting featuring topics on SolidWorks Sheet Metal with about16 in attendance.  Kyle Bedinger from the Rapid Group presented, via GoToMeeting from Boston, on “Reduce Sheet Metal Costs by Designing for Manufacturing: Tips & Tricks”.  He showed how to use various tools including the Rapid Quote application to determine time and cost when modeling using various methods.   After a short break he was followed by a very informative presentation by David Torick from Hawk Ridge Systems who presented his “Sheet Metal Design, From the Beginner to More Advanced Methods”.   This was very engaging where he demonstrated the various different Sheet Metal tools both in some basic and others in some more complex scenarios.  Pizza and pop were served for dinner.  Spring Meeting 2015

Thinking about future meetings,  If you want to present to the group on any topic related to SolidWorks let me know, we would love to have you.  Please contact Chris Scarlett.

NEXT MEETING, THE SUMMER MEETING:                      Back to the Top

Our NEXT MEETING is set for Wednesday, July 8th 2015 at Yakima Maker Space between 6 and 8pm.  We will be having Avelino Rochino who is a Certification Program Specialist at DS SolidWorks, who will present on the SolidWorks Certification Program.  He will also be providing vouchers for the various certification exams starting with the Associate (CSWA), to the various Professional exams (CSWP), all the way up to the expert exam (CSWE).  Following that is Chris Scarlett who will be presenting on "SolidWorks, 3D Printing and Invention" – "Exploring Various Methods for Bridging the Gaps Between Concept, Design, Prototypes, Selling, and Licensing". 

LOCATION:Yakima Maker Space, 16 South 1st Street in Yakima.  Please RSVP if plan on attending.  Yakima Maker Space is new in Yakima and provides “workshops and creative outlets for children and adults, a collaborative making environment, and a flexible facility.”  According to the founders John and Wendy, Wednesday’s are their “Open Hardware Night” so they may be able to talk a bit and give us a tour.  If you are at all curious about the maker environment and 3D printers you won’t want to miss this meeting.

SOLIDWORKS CLINIC: Don’t forget to send me any problematic SolidWorks files or design issues for submission to our SolidWorks Clinic.  I will make these available in upcoming meeting notices so we can work out a solution before the meeting.  We can then share the results at the end of our meeting.

RAFFLE: A raffle drawing will be held at the end of the meeting with various prizes from our meeting sponsors including: The Rapid Group which will be providing various $25 gift certificates and other fun prizes.  Some really cool gifts from the SolidWorks Users Group Network, Plus some ball caps provided by SigmaNEST

DINNER: will be pizza and pop - served at the beginning of the meeting and available all evening. 

Social Media: Please consider joining us on Facebook and LinkedIn and stay in touch with group happenings.

Meeting Sponsors: Please consider the Rapid Group, one of our meeting sponsors, for "Quick Turn Metal Prototypes - 24 Hour Quotes - 48 Hour Expedites - 1-2 Week Standard Ship - ITAR Registered".   The Rapid Group will be providing some generous $25 gift cards for raffle prizes at the end of the meeting. 

FUTURE MEETINGS:                                       Back to the Top

Summer/Fall Meeting:
Monday August 17th  - a potential visit from some of SolidWorks executives including SolidWorks new CEO Gian Paolo Bassi and our User Group leader Richard Doyle.  This is a great way to hear about all the happenings at SolidWorks including news on future products and enhancements to existing ones.  You won’t hear information like this anywhere else!
Stay tuned for Additional information.

Hosting Future Meetings:  If your firm is willing to host and give us tour of your facilities that would be most welcome.  Please let me know if you can help here by emailing Chris Scarlett.  One additional advantage to hosting is that it provides some additional funds (that would normally go to renting a room) that we can use to serve a more interesting and compelling dinner fare.

PRESENTERS:  If you have a suggestion on a speaker or topic for any meeting or if you would like to present, please contact Chris Scarlett.

    Chris Scarlett, Clem See, John Walden - The YSWUG Team.


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Map, to Maker Space in Yakima Suites below, click on the image below for a link to Google Maps 

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Rapid Prototype Sheet Metal 24 Hour Quotes48 Hour Expedites1-2 Week Standard Ship
ITAR Registered

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